Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stop And Smell The Roses

This is my favorite Lennon Sisters YouTube clip - the ladies and Mac Davis sing his song Stop And Smell The Roses, posted by jamesrstewartaz. I bet I saw this episode as a kid. I would have been around seven years old in '74, and my mom and I loved variety type programs.

Mac must have been a fan - it was a lovely touch showing the old clip of their first performance on tv and to segue into current time of them finishing out a bit of the song. I wonder who's idea it was? Whoever's it was, that was classy y'all.

Everybody looks and sounds in fine form, with each sister getting a solo line of the song at the beginning. I adore how Kathy get's into it and soulfully sings, "and luv 'em tenderly". Cute! She moves nauturally too. Janet and Dee Dee have some stiff shoulder shaking thing going on. Peggy adds a little handclapping near the end.

Does anyone know if they sang any other songs on this episode?

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