Monday, January 1, 2007

Janet, you is a woman now

Back in the early '90s, when my Lennon Sisters fascination first took hold, before the internets, I bought a boatload of those old fan magazines - TV Radio Mirror, Photoplay, and the like. For me, it was all about the photos. The Lennons were/are photogentically blessed. Kathy in particular is just a stunner of a beauty.

It wasn't just photos of the "girls" - often the magazines featured them with their (numerous) little brothers and sisters. Call me corny, but it's just fun to see these staged, yet real, family settings. It's enjoyable nostalgia without being tempered by the knowledge of future family rifts, or former childstar meltdowns. By all accounts the whole family is still staggeringly close. Oh sure, I know they aren't perfect. Please, that would be too much to stomach. But dammit, their happiness in being together is just a joy to behold.

These scans are from TV Radio Mirror, Nov. 1962


Now here's a headline!


LM44 said...

Hi Shirelygrrl,

I've had such fun reading your very interesting blog about the Lennon Sisters. Thank you for sharing!! <3

I'm sad though to see that you stopped blogging in 2008 ;(
Hope you'll continue again soon!
Would you happen to have anymore magazine articles to share?


Anonymous said...

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