Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mimi Lennon - showbiz or sisterhood

Will little Mimi's love of God take her from her sisters?

Well, I guess we know which vocation she chose.

Now that the Lennon Sisters' younger sis Mimi has joined Kathy and Janet in performing in Branson, it seems only appropriate to scan the Nov. 1966 issue of Motion Picture featuring the little charmer on the cover.

Seriously, y'all, it is just wild that forty years after this article appeared, these ladies would be performing together, drawing in the big crowds. And recording together too. Mimi's vocals as a full-fledged Lennon Sister have been added to their voluminous discography on this live cd.

It's gotta be hard to join an already well-established act, but by all accounts Mimi is quite a hit with the fans. It doesn't hurt that she resembles Kathy either.

Onto the scans. It's a fun article and it's so sweet how Kathy was like a second mother to Mimi. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

if anybody has access to amagazine article featuring then newlyweds janet lennon and lee bernhardi which was published around late 1966. i cannot recall exactly what the name of the magazine was but it was one of the popular mags at that time like photoplay or tv movie mirror etc. the article stated along with photos / we do not want children wejust want each other. if anyone possesing such would they please be so kind to put in on the blog or leave an address where the magazine can be purchased. thanking you in advance.

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