Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lennon Sisters on Family Feud

Back in 1984 The Lennon Sisters did one of their guest spots on game shows, this time, Family Feud. Their opponents: Sister Sledge of We Are Family fame (I loved that song as a kid, even bought the 45).

All four Lennon Sisters compete, with sister Mimi rounding out the team. Nice teamwork, girls, but I cannot believe y'all couldn't come up with the last answer to "what do people say they don't get enough of?". Hello!

So do they win? Watch and see.


jbfunky said...

Survey says....great clips!

That brought back plenty of memories, both as a Welk fan and as a game show enthusiast.

mikelly said...

shirelgrrl, where do you find this stuff? This is so good. I really enjoy it. Thanks again for sharing.

shirelygrrl said...

You're welcome, mikelly. Glad you're enjoying it. I ordered some old stuff from sellers on newsgroups.

Martin said...

Good Job! :)