Monday, December 17, 2007

Lennon Sisters, Hollywood Palace Clips

First off, I really enjoyed the past Saturday's Lawrence Welk Show, especially the interview with Dee Dee at the end. She looked terrific, and was so very charming and down to earth. I didn't get to record it due to a brain malfunction on my part - um, I temporarily forgot how to work the dvd recorder. Given that my dad has Alzheimer's I found this a little disconcerting. But I'm only 41! Probably it was just a fluke, and I am on cold medicine, so....

Anyway, I'm not completely brain dead, as I have added two clips of The Lennon Sisters to YouTube. These are from the Dec. 5, 1967 episode of The Hollywood Palace, ironically enough hosted by Jimmy Durante who later teamed up with The Lennon Sisters for their own variety show. I guess this is where the idea originated.

Here we have This Is My Song, with the girls looking so elegant and sounding gorgeous.

Next up, Up, Up and Away. OMG, who came up with this choreography?!


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