Sunday, September 2, 2007


Happy Labor Day weekend y'all! Finally got my car back from the body shop, nearly four weeks after that uninsured driver slammed into me. Kinda scared to drive much - people are idiots around here. Aside from a few errands yesterday I have been lazy as all get out. And I'm loving it.

Anybody watching AMC's series Mad Men? It is brilliant. I had missed the first few episodes so I spent all morning catching up on the marathon they aired. I LOVE this show, even though I feel really bad for the female characters. I knew women were viewed pretty much as chattel back in the day, but dayum. My poor, maligned gender. I was talking with my mom about the show. I said, "Wow, y'all were really treated like shit, weren't you?" She didn't disagree.

Now, I know the Lennon Sisters seemed at their most happy as homemakers, least that's what they've said in countless articles. Nevertheless, they also clearly enjoyed their careers as well. I imagine they had to have chafed at the condescending attitudes toward women that were so prevalent back then. It makes their perseverance and success all the more enjoyable to this fan.

Here are some clips I added to YouTube:

Sittin On Top Of The World
- Love the song; the costumes, not so much.

Tumblin' Tumbleweeds - Cowpokes in pink.

Marianne - I like the dancing at the end - as usual Janet moves the best.

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Edward Prince said...

I am a lifelong fan of these wonderful ladies of song!! I am so thankful for the internet bringing them back into my life every single day! I have such wonderful memories of waiting anxiously every Saturday to see them on the Lawrence Welk Show. Our family was totally consumed with music ( My mom, sister and I made an album in was a best-seller...all of our family bought one!!) My dream would be to meet them and share a few minutes of memories from the greatest musical era of all time Since I didn't get to experience the Andrews Sisters in the 40's, the Lennons were the greatest ever to me! I am planting a brand new church in St. Louis after 37 years of full-time ministry and I would LOVE to have them be my guests at a BIG concert! Thanks to everyone who posts their music for me and the world to enjoy!