Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kathy and Janet 7.27.07 tv Interview

Another day, another scorcher. Temps were well over 100 again. I had to wait til almost sunset to go bike riding on the levee - still came home dripping wet. And why do they make bicycle seats so uncomfortable? Seriously, my behind is sore. Too much information. Sorry. I did take a pretty pic of the mighty Mississippi with my cell phone.

So anyway, last month Kathy and Janet were on CN8TV morning show promoting their Best Pals line. I don't get that channel, but thanks to Peter MacNeil, who shared the video with me, we can all view it as I've added it to YouTube .

It's a good interview about their dolls and cds, and they sing a bit too. Such beautiful voices. Particularly interesting is the tidbit about their meeting with QVC, where they hope to be able to sell their Best Pals products. Janet was cute with her "thumbs up" when the interviewer wished them luck with the meeting.

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