Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lennon Sisters clips and caps

Did y'all see the new PBS special, Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures last night? I was so excited to see new interview clips of Janet and Dianne who both looked fantastic. I thought their clips were the most fun, relaxed and honest. Not that I'm biased or anything.

As you can tell below they were having some fun, yeah.

And there were no Semonski Sisters on the show. That in itself made the enjoyment level soar.

Before I list what were the highlights for me, let me post some links.

I made a video of just The Lennon Sisters parts of the show. It was too long to upload to YouTube as one clip so I divided it.
Lennon Sisters Reminisce Part 1
Lennon Sisters Reminisce Part 2

I also took a bunch of screencaps which you can view as a slideshow if you want.

Back to the favorite was the Watusi (spelling?) number. Norma Zimmer flat knocked me out with how much fun she was having with the girls. It's a pity her humor and great laugh that Dee Dee and Janet spoke of didn't come through on most of her other numbers. And that Janet can move - wicked hip swaying, girl!

My other favorite moment was the gang's all here hootenanny number with all 11 Lennon siblings. Oh my word, that little baby of the family was such a cutiepie!

Janet talking about her dad advising her on the impression she could leave when meeting fans.

Janet and Aladdin - they were sooo sweet together.

Whaddaya know, they mentioned Kathy's first husband by name.

Dee Dee and Janet being diplomatic in describing the oddly interesting Natalie Nevins: "very unique" and "what a character". Yeah.

What else. Oh, I like how Rocky Rockwell spoke movingly of Alice Lon. I think she was pretty great myself. The early stars of the show, and obviously I'm including the Lennons here too, were so much more fun and real to me than the later members.

Good show!

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jbfunky said...


Great pictures! The show itself was a pleasure to watch.

Next week is Ralna's special...I betcha that will be a wunnerful show!