Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lennon Sisters - Til The End Of Time

Here's a nice old gem - The Lennon Sisters singing Til The End Of Time from a 1958 episode of The Lawrence Welk Show.

It's always a kick seeing old black and white episodes. The girls are so young and charming. Plus Pete Fountain was in the band - god what a genius clarinet player he was. I also really like the personality and voice of Alice Lon. Good show.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kathy Lennon video interview

By request, here's her interview from last week's Lawrence Welk Show.

Enjoy snoopysnake!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lennon Sisters YouTube clips and screencaps

Long time no blog. Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been going through a very rough patch the past month. Hopefully things are turning around. Anyway, let the blogging commence!

Did y'all see last night's Lawrence Welk Show? It was really good. From early 1968, it was one of the very last appearances by The Lennon Sisters on the show. They performed two choice numbers, which I've added to YouTube.

First up, the very beautiful Where Are The Words. This is an exquisite number.

Their second number was the cute and lively Quanto le Gusta.

Kathy was interviewed at the end of the show. She told a moving story of finding an old, very early amateur recording she and her dad did on a recording machine given to them by a wealthy relative. She got choked up talking about what a treasure it was to have a recording of her dad. She made copies for her brothers and sisters for Christmas. What a priceless gift.

I made some screencaps from the show if you'd like to have a look.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lennon Sisters Ringtones

I was playing around last night, figuring out how to make ringtones. Have you always wanted a Lennon Sisters song to blare out when your cellphone rings? At least you'll know it's your phone ringing cause the chances of someone else having one of their songs as their ringtone are pretty slim I'd bet.

I made four so far: This first one will take some guts to use!

More from shirleygrrl at Myxer

More from shirleygrrl at Myxer

More from shirleygrrl at Myxer

More from shirleygrrl at Myxer

Just follow this link to my free account on, click on the one you want, put in your cell number and send it to your phone.
Happy calling!

If there's a particular part of a song you want as your ringtone, let me know!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

#1 Hits Of The 1960s

The Lennon Sisters sing The Beatles! Yep, this 1964 album, #1 Hits Of The 1960s, features The Lennon Sisters singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand. It's a hoot. So is their version of Hit The Road Jack. "What you say?!"

The rest of the album is great. The girls shine on many of the pop tunes, and do a standout version of Our Day Will Come. Kathy takes the lead in many of the solo spots - her low voice is so appealing. They hold their own with girl groups of the day. Pity they weren't played on the radio.

The track listing is:

Side A

1. You Don't Own Me
2. Hit The Road Jack
3. There! I've Said It Again
4. Our Day Will Come
5. I Will Follow Him
6. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Side B

7. I'm Leaving It Up To You
8. Theme From A Summer Place
9. The End Of The World
10. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
11. Don't Break The Heart That Loves You
12. Everybody's Somebody's Fool

Oddly, the side B listings on the back cover as well as the record itself are all out of order. A minor goof on an outstanding album.

Download it here.

Postcard pretties

Here's a terrific postcard, showcasing the Lennon Sisters from the early 80's (I think). I *love* the mafia photo of them, in their suits and fedoras. Classic!

*click for larger version*

I've done my civic duty and voted in the presidential primary today. Now I'm gonna be lazy for the rest of the afternoon and probably take a nap with my cats. First though, I think I'll rip another of my Lennon Sisters lps. I'll post it after I wake up.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Georgy Girl

I've been out at Mardi Gras parades these past two weekends, having a raucous time, but I did record The Lawrence Welk Show while I was out catching beads.

Last night's repeat from April 29, 1967 featured a real gem - The Lennon Sisters performing their wonderful version of Georgy Girl. This is one of my very favorite recordings of theirs. It's simply superb. I've uploaded the clip to YouTube, as well as made some caps.