Thursday, January 17, 2008

YouTube No No

Dick Clark didn't take kindly to the American Music Awards clip of The Lennon Sisters on YouTube - it's been yanked off. Sorry guys.


Anonymous said...

No offense and I LOVE the Lennons, but is there that great a demand for this clip that they would want to have it yanked? That's so wierd.

jbfunky said...

Shirl, no apology needed...I know exactly how you feel.

I recall that Viacom (or Viacommunists as I like to call) had me take down a YouTube clip of the Aldridge Sisters singing on Hee Haw.

It strikes me that some people just don't get it....if it wasn't for YouTube giving a forum for vintage clips, nobody would ever hear of them or even give a care.

Anonymous said...

If your'e in your late 50's or 60's--this was what your grandmother's made you loved. I related to Janet. What's the problem? They don't pull Bonnie Raitt and Kelly Clarkson from "After Ellen".