Thursday, October 25, 2007

missed opportunity: What A Man My Man Is

Saw this little item about a song recorded by Lynn Anderson that was originally written for The Lennon Sisters. Too bad they didn't get to do it - it's a fun song.


A lot of hit songs have been written for a certain artist but wound up being recorded by someone else.

According to Glenn Sutton, Lynn Anderson’s “What A Man My Man Is” was one of those tunes!

Glenn commented, “I wrote that song for The Lennon Sisters. They were signed to record for Alantic Records and Rick Sanjek was the head of A& R for them and he asked me to do an album on them. So I had that song just about finished

And I flew to Las Vegas where The Lennon Sisters were opening for Andy Williams. I had never met them and I went backstage and talked to them and gave them four or five songs. They loved the songs but they never did record them. They got into some kind of contract dispute with Atlantic and never recorded it. And later, Lynn recorded it.”

“What A Man My Man Is” entered the country music charts October 28th, 1974 and made it to number one. It was Lynn’s 33rd charted song and was on the charts for 13 weeks.



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