Saturday, July 14, 2007

old Lennon Sisters clips

Aw, tonight's repeat of the Jan. 4, 1958 Lawrence Welk Show had some darlin' Lennon Sisters numbers!

First the girls sang the lovely Melodie D'Amour.

The absolute highlight was their Ferdinand The Bull number. Dee Dee, Peggy, and Kathy looked so pretty in their mantillas. And Janet! She was the most precious thing ever as the little matador. I loved it!

Enjoy the clips.


Anonymous said...

I love these old lennon sister songs. But I am having a hard time finding them on CD/MP3. Is there anyway to download them from youtube and then save to CD?

please reply to

shirleygrrl said...

I find the easiest thing to use for ripping the audio from youtube clips is TubeSock
It has a Windows and a Mac version. Well worth the 15.00.